About iVoiceover

Great Service
Paul Cooper
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iVoiceover simplifies the process of obtaining professional voiceovers for your business so you can give your customers that polished service they deserve when they call you. Remember, first impressions do count.

Connecting people to your business with structured audio is their first step toward confidence in your brand. iVoiceover can produce professional recordings to replace all those beeps and poor quality music files you may have built up over the years, replacing them with good quality professional recordings in any format. Choosing the correct voice is key to a successful experience on the telephone these days and we have a selection voice artists to suit all your needs, each one unique in their own way with a variety of different styles to suit any business today. If you are looking to get that better company image without all the hassle and cost, then iVoiceover could be the solution, you will soon be receiving good feedback and a good return on your investment.

Industry research says that over 70% of all business calls are placed on hold or transferred through Interactive Voice messaging systems every day. Why not make this work for you and your business marketing by investing in one of our packages today.

Our service include :

Telephone Prompts and IVR messaging
Radio & TV advertisements
Web audio & Podcasts
Corporate Messaging
Narration for Multimedia & E learning
Public Transport & In store announcements
Audio Book Narration